Feeling Less Able To Cope

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I am feeling less able to cope with multiple priorities and can generally only cope with one or two things at once being diagnosed. I feel I am withdrawing into myself more and more. Just started treatment for bladder cancer.

Any ideas how to build resilience in this situation and try and get some mojo back?


  • Hi Leo1 welcome to the forum. Maybe you need to cut yourself some slack and not have too many expectations of yourself right now with all that is going on for you. Your head will be all over the place and little wonder when you are just starting treatment and other things are occupying your thoughts right now. Be kind to yourself and dont expect too much for yourself right now, just be you and live life as it comes, one day at a time . It will sort itself out with time .

    Sending very best wishes your way for now.


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  • Hi Leo1,I think this is natural at the start.You can feel overwhelmed by all the thoughts and that makes it hard to focus.Don’t worry if you can’t cope with multiple priorities at the moment.Once your second TURBT is done and the results are back you will know the way forward.I used to write down three things I wanted to achieve or needed to do each day when I was struggling emotionally.Writing down how you feel can help and it’s important to talk too.Equally you may just want to be alone and there is nothing wrong with that providing you are not becoming completely withdrawn.I’m sure you will cope and everyone in the bladder group will support you so keep posting.Best wishes Jane 

  • Hi Leo1, How are you feeling today ?

    much love Angela x

    Much love Angela x

  • Morning Angela, thanks for asking. 2nd TURBT next week so hopefully that goes well and I get a treatment plan shortly after. And hopefully not muscle invasive. I have had two UTIs in Jan, and the last lot of antibiotics inflamed my liver  - Nitrofurantoin. Won’t be taking that again. No complaints about speed of treatment here. Wife says I am short tempered, which I probably am, so need some tips to try and control that !

  • Are you able to sleep at night Leo1 ? I got this app on my phone that teaches breathing exercises and meditation . It has really helped in many ways, but I too am snappy at my husband. Its like all the emotions are very close to the surface. I found my mood improved when treatment started, its like I was doing something to fight this thing, it felt more positive. 
    The waiting around for your 2nd op and then the results is a strain. Not long now Leo, 

    much love Angela

    Much love Angela x

  • Yes generally able to sleep, and I have some sleeping tabs from the doctor if I need them. Still up 2 to 3 times a night though. Sighs. Yes not long now. Thanks for supportive comments love Leo