On a downer :-(

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Anyone else on a bit of a downer tonight? Not sure whether it's the diagnosis just hitting me or the wait for appointments or the wait for surgery or some combination from them all. Hey ho, onwards and upwards

  • Hi Paul and welcome so sorry to hear of your diagnosis, read your profile good that things are moving quickly, What you are feeling is perfectly normal we all go through it especially at the beginning waiting for results and treatment to start, things will get a little better then. Paul although i have many cancers, i don't have colorectal cancer so would be guessing to suggest what treatment you will get, As you have joined the bowel cancer forum, which is one of mine, can i suggest you post your question on there as you will get information from others who are on the same journey as you. good luck on your journey, take care, Eddie

  • Hiya Paul. We were both diagnosed just around the same time (Myeloma in my case). Read your profile, read this message, and all I can say is mentally? I think we are in the same boat.  It is utter crap. I don't know where I am with all of this, and a Christmas diagnosis hasn't helped. With my cancer, they don't like to mention stages, but it seems if you have the symptoms I have, you are already stage 3, yet...you feel all at sea, like always waiting for the phone, being asked by people if you have support, and when support is coming, and why isn't it coming. I'm in that weird bit where they are prepping me for full treatment, but haven't quite got there yet, and there are so many people involved, that I am just sat on the couch, worrying, waiting, and trying to pop on a brave face.  I know this is all serious, for us both, but in my case its like I am trying to explain to my loved ones just how serious it is, without them melting down and then having to comfort them. I think I am failing at that a bit.  I'm not going to be an idiot and tell you to cheer up, I think I would happily punch someone that told me that. I will agree with eddiel though and let us hope it gets better when the ball is rolling.  I could tell you a bad joke if it helped, but fair warning, most of them come from a time I was running an afterschool club for primary aged kids :) Hang in there.

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    Hello GroguLove, thank you for your reply. All of my friends and family don't want to talk about it and it's like they think it will go away. That's their choice, so I'll discuss it in my own head. I think I'm luckier than most as I'm potentially only stage 1, depending on what they find once they've taken the dodgy bit of bowel out.

    "...let us hope it gets better..." I thought you were going to punch the next person who said that Wink

    I've now got my full set of pre-surgery appointments... Surgery School on 12th, Heart Echo on 15th, Fitness Test on 16th and Anaesthetist Review on 19th. Once the results from all of those are available, I should get the date for my Left Hemicolectomy.

    Being the father of two grown up kids, I being lucky enough to have had a father who could remember every single joke he was ever told, send any jokes you want to over this way, they can join the hundreds of Dad jokes I have running around my brain. Maybe when I am recovering, I should look at publishing a book :-) 

    There was an elderly lady stood by a cash machine this morning. As I walked past, she said excuse me sonny, but can you tell me how I can check my balance.... So I pushed her over

  • ah ah ah! but I didn't tell you to cheer up!!!! Smiley It sounds like you have a plan in place now, if nothing more that has to be a comfort...well, it would be for me. I hate the not knowing!  My family are a bit like that too. I think it's because cancer is a scary word and sometimes it's just best for them to ignore it, where as we might appreciate a bit more input from them.  If you ever put out a book, I'll keep my eye out for it, and then probably regret it if the jokes are -that- bad :D  Take care!