Diagnosed with stage four cancer spread to lungs

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Hi I have just been diagnosed and have started chemotherapy I live with my mother who I care for she is being assessed for dementia the thing is she has become so dependent upon me being there for her 24/7 every day and since I have started chemotherapy I am finding it hard to cope with her constant demands that I be there for her and living in a miserable environment as she is constantly crying and complaining it’s all about her we have all tried to explain that I have cancer and that will not be able to be there for her but it doesn’t make a difference it has come to the point that I have had to call adult social services to see about putting her in a care home as she is putting me under extreme stress which can’t be good also although I am going to fight the cancer all the way there is also a possibility that I may not have long so would like to be able to have a life of my and stay with my daughter a couple of nights a week but my mom starts panicking and demanding I don’t go or if I do she will bombard me my daughters and granddaughter with phone calls she called my granddaughter 54 times in one afternoon sorry this long but I am coming to the end of my tether