Psychological and mental health post prostate cancer surgery

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It will be two months this Saturday 21st since I had robotic surgery to remove prostate due to cancer. Leading up to surgery everything happened within 4 months and no real time to process. Whilst I’m glad surgery happened quickly, I now feel I’m only just starting to process everything. Have others felt the same post surgery?


  • Hi,Yes it was the same for me.Diagnosed in July 2019 and after a flurry of tests and scans had my bladder removed in the September.I only really started to process it all during recovery in the pandemic.It was made worse by being on my own.It is a shock and when it all happens quickly you don’t have time to take it all in.It did all feel overwhelming,relief at surviving major surgery combined with the worry of a re occurrence.I felt so exhausted and emotional but it did get better.That was 4 years ago and I am enjoying being out of pain and cancer free.You are still early in your recovery so it’s bound to take a bit of time to adjust.I found it easier to go with the emotions rather than fight them,I had good days and bad days but soon the good days took over from the miserable ones.Being outdoors helped a lot with mental health.Just being able to sit in the garden and listen to the birds improved well being.When I started to feel better physically I would write a short list of tasks to do to keep up motivation.Be kind to yourself.I hope you feel better soon.Love and best wishes Jane 

  • Thank you Jane, this was helpful just someone else sharing 


  • I’m sure you will get other replies Colin.I think it’s fairly common to feel like this.

  • Hi  

    I agree with Jane that what you’re feeling is very common and lots of us can relate. I thought I had everything under control when I went for my surgery in March 2020 because I was so focused on getting rid of my cancer. I didn’t realise the huge psychological effect it would have on me even after I physically recovered. I am still not the same person I was before. 

    It was almost a year before I sought help and had counselling which was hugely beneficial for me and helped get me out of the big hole I was in mentally. I realised I was in a bad way mentally, but it still took me a long time to admit it even to myself and ask for help. I hope things get better for you-I had to realise it was a gradual process of acceptance that life would be very, very different post surgery. 

    Sarah xx

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