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I am so angry today with my GP.  My husband has bile duct cancer and has just started palliative chemo.  We spoke to the Cancer Assessment Nurse yesterday because he has been experiencing stomach pains and constipation for a few months which he has been using  co-codamol but now his doctor is saying he can't have any more co-codamol until he has had a medication review and they have booked that for 27th October.  The Nurse told us to contact the GP using ask my GP and request an abdominal review and a meds review.  I did that this morning and received a reply saying "I feel this requires the next available consultation to discuss further".  Having heard nothing by 2pm I rang the surgery only to be told "Oh yes we are working through the requests but I can see the next available appointment is 30th October".  I know we are not the only patients but I did think that having terminal cancer may at least have given him some kind of priority.  I did request that could they at least prescribe some more painkillers but we are once again waiting for the GP to get back to us as obviously the receptionist can't do anything.  I am so frustrated and angry that we cannot get any appointments with our GP without going through the Ask My GP and then all we get is the Receptionist. 

He is due for his second chemo tomorrow so will have to ask the hospital if there is anything they can do.

 I want to scream "what do I need to do to just see a doctor".  

The other problem is if we complain then we will get worse treatment because we will go down as trouble makers or complainers.

Thanks for the rant

  • Hi Clancy1976

    I'm so sorry to hear about your husband and that you are having a frustrating time of it at the moment.

    Sending you a hug. x


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  • That is disgraceful and I can see where you are coming from as you don't want to be seen as a trouble maker but unfortunately it seems the only way to get things moving is to complain.   Hope things go OK tomorrow.  

  • Things looking up as now have prescription and suddenly there is a free appointment on Monday at 12.30. Wonder why he wasn't offered that earlier. Oh well at least its something so ringing actually Grinrked for a change Grin

  • So today he should have been seeing the doctor but he has diarrhea and dizziness.  So another telephone consultation instead.  Took his blood pressure and its 90/54 - told the GP was worried and was told "well if he's not eating or drinking then this will happen".  Great! I know that but what I don't know is how to get him to eat and drink - he promises the doctor he will try but then when I ask what he would like I just get "Oh I'll have something later - I can't face it at the moment".  How on earth do you motivate someone to drink if they don'e want to?  Chemo due again on Thursday but if his blood pressure is still down I doubt if he will get any Pensive