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I'm going to Warrington hospital for a second CT this time with contrast.  Do far they have found quite a bit of calcification which I'm led to believe is of no great concern really but they have also mentioned in their letter to my GP peritoneal disease ans a nodule. I have been to my GP twice now and asked for an explanation but it seems to me they are being evasive and saying its all routine and I should Just wait but I'm in terror and afraid of what they might tell me

  • Hi  and I see that it's your first post on the community so welcome.

    Going through the diagnosis process for any health condition can be a very stressful and challenging time. I have been on my incurable blood cancer journey for over 24 years now so have had s significant amount of tests, scan and biopsies and the one thing I have learned over all these years (cancer related or not cancer related) that until there is specific information clinical teams will not make wild guesses..... coming out with a wild guess is not how you want your health reviewed, you need it done based on facts...... and the CT with contrast will be one step closer to finding the truth.

    You may find it helpful to talk with someone so do consider calling the Macmillan Support Line is open 8am-8pm (timings may differ across services) 7 days a week on 0808 808 00 00. This service provides cancer information, practical information, emotional support or just a listening ear.

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