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Im soon to start my WK 4 of 5 chemo/radiotherapy. All going okay as far as i know. Bloods taken this week and weekly review nurse said all looked okay.

But today I receive an appointment through in the  mail for a consultant nurse iv not met next week . doesn't say what for.

Speciality  says unspecified

Please tell me if it was bad news a nurse wdnt be left to tell me . 

Is this normal as no one said to me about it.

I can't think straight tbh .

  • Hi Smiffy. Panic is something each letter or phone call can bring when you are not in complete control of things. It might be an idea to try and telephone the nurse or hospital and ask for some guidance. All theses things are very overwhelming. Try not to anticipate the outcome and sometimes administration changes as do staff and mistakes are made.

    Hope you are feeling a little better this morning.

    Take care

  • Thank you so much x

  • No worries Smiffy. Keep at it. Remember as well the treatment will squiffy your thinking on top of everything else. I support my husband and making phonecards.and receiving them is very difficult for us both.  Easier to get things sorted and cleared up. 

    Take care

  • Hello Smiffey - getting letters/phone calls/appointments and particularly anything that appears to be different or that we are not expecting is very scary.  I panic even when I get a letter I am expecting about an appointment.  I see the address on the back and instant panic - even if I know it contains a regular and expected appointment.  As NeoChorio says - anything that we are not in control of is frightening.   I do think its a good idea to ring and ask - this was posted two days ago, so you may have done this already.   I am not sure what the answer is to this 'not being in control' and fear around uncertainty.... but I do keep reminding myself that I am currently alive and breathing and living my life and I gently chide myself to appreciate what I have right now.   It works occasionally!  I hope you're doing ok and you have an answer to this question.   

  • Had a little laugh and thought of you today. Got back from holiday and scan appointment problems from hospital. This sent us both into a flying spin of panic and anxiety which was vile. Rang nurse at hospital who was lovely and kind and gave good advice. It isn't the disaster I imagined. So really just confirming panic is normal for many when not in control. 

    Take care