Feeling low and sad after PC surgery

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Hi just wonder if any other men who have had prostate cancer and surgery (or partners who are supporting) whether you have had feelings of being low and sad?
I feel a bit daft but I feel like something has been taken away from me, something that is integral to a man that being the prostate. I’m grateful I had surgery and heard this morning they got it all out and it was contained. However I do feel somewhat sad. It’s too early to know if I will have any ED effects, so far no signs of anything returning. There does not appear to be any post operative counselling available from the hospital which surprises me really. But I guess time and money are the restraints for them. One minute we have all these medics involved and endless appointments the next everyone has gone. 

just wondering how other men are.


  • Hi Colin.

    Have you joined the prostate cancer forum. There are people on there who, I’m sure, will be able to relate to your question and give you support.

  • Hello Colin - I am so sorry to hear how you are feeling.   I am not in the same situation as you but thought I would send a reply as I had a considerable amount of my female organs removed when i was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in Feb this year.   I think for me, I have been so terrified by the cancer that it hasn't hit me yet in terms of what has been taken (pretty much everything!).  Honey2 has suggested joining the prostrate cancer forum and that seems like a really good idea (if you haven't already).   I think with cancer there is a lot of loss around life before cancer, and life before surgery, life before treatment (probably many other things).   its only natural to grieve that part of us that is now lost.    I am not sure about counselling post surgery and I wonder if it would be helpful to call the MacMillan helpline to get some information on this (lots of charities do free or very low cost counselling).  Its worth looking into.   Hugs.

  • Hi Colin,I hope the men will be along to help soon.It doesn’t sound daft.I experienced  loss when they removed most of my reproductive organs along with my bladder.One of the doctors said that feeling sad and emotional following major surgery was common and there were bound to be up and down days.I hope you can find some support.Love and best wishes Jane 

  • Thank you

    hope your doing well