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No idea what to expect

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i had a hysterectomy just over 6 weeks ago. I initially was told it was stage 1 grade 1, and I would need no more treatment. But there was a cluster of cells found in the Fallopian tube that have been tested but cannot be identified but the cancer centre says they must be considered to be cancer. So they are now saying I need chemotherapy and possibly radiotherapy. I have an appointment next Monday to discuss it all. But I have absolutely no idea what to expect and I’m feeling very scared. I have two daughters with additional needs, one with severe mental health problems. I have no idea how I’m going to tell them.

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Hi Nina60,

Sorry you have been told that you need further treatment. It doesnt mean automatic bad news, and the further treatment is preventative to prevent spread. It sounds scarey, but there will be plenty of people on the "womb cancer" group who have advice, so try posting on there. As to telling your daughters, you have to be honest. No matter what their needs, you have needs to, and sometimes people can suprise you by being more capable than you think. good luck

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