Advice on nails during chemo

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Hi I have had 3 treatments so far and I am having discolouration of my finger and toenails. I am keen to use something to help this and prevent nail loss, however I am finding the cost of Polybalm very off putting. Can anyone recommend Polybalm or something else which has helped? Thanks.

  • Hi  and a very warm welcome to the online community which I hope you'll find is both an informative and supportive place to be.

    I can't help with your question, as I didn't have any problems with my nails while having chemo, but I noticed that your post hadn't had any replies yet.

    As this forum is very quiet can I suggest that you also post this in the womb cancer forum, which I can see you've joined.

    I hope you find a solution soon x

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  • Hi. Thanks for your kind message. I will try the other forum.