PICC line - maintenance

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Ive been sent an appointment for a picc line insertion in the morning - wasn’t expecting it!

But what I’m wanting to know is, I understand it needs to be flushed and the bandage changed etc.

Am I given the stuff to do that and also receive the training or do I go to my GP surgery for this?

im a bit apprehensive about potentially doing it myself!

Also, are you able to wear normal clothes or should i focus on T-shirts etc?

  • A PICC needs flushed and redressed once a week…. This was done before or after my chemo but the in between weeks I had a District/Community Nurse come to the house to do the flush and dressing…… ask about this when you are getting the line put in.

    Yes ware normal cloths but short sleeves on the day/s of your treatment.

    Your hospital may give you a PICC line cover to protect it (ask about this) and I just wrapped my arm including the lines with cling film and had showers as normal - all the best.

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  • Hi, the PICC line is flushed and re-dressed weekly.  I have it done at the hospital on the weeks I do not have my chemo and if it is chemo day they flush it before the treatment.

    I generally wear a short sleeve tshirt but you could wear a jumper/top as long as the sleeves can easily be pushed up.

    Good luck x

  • Thank you. I hope chemo is going as well as it can for you. I imagine it must have been such a shock to get a recurrence after 2yrs. I presume because you didn't have chemo the first time round, it was caught early and when recurrence is less likely. So glad you were still being monitored - it seems monitoring after early stage diagnosis and when surgery is all that is required, can be very hit and miss in some places. Take care.