How to treat head rash/razor burn from the first big shave?

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Hello!  My mum is undergoing treatment, and finally decided it was time to shave off all of her beautiful hair.  That was a big day, and she got really pissed off at the stubble friction getting stuck on her pillows and making it really tricky to put a hat on, etc. 

A few weeks later and she now has an angry rash, ingrown hairs, pain all over her scalp... I imagine it's what a man might get after shaving off a super thick beard without the right aftercare?  I couldn't find existing discussions about this but she can't possibly be the only one.  Has anyone found a good way to resolve it? When it comes time to shave again (because there are still some patches growing), what can we do to avoid a repeat? 

Grateful for any tips here, or links to an existing discussion on the topic - thank you!

  • Hi Knutsgirl and welcome to the forum. I ma sorry to hear what has happened to your mum and how this has left her feeling and in pain as well. My suggestion would be to go to a hairdresser and ask for their advice re this. Firstly they have the right tools to be able to do this and make it look fine and they use lotions that would prevent that burn as you have described. Meanwhile maybe a very mild moisturiser is required like Simple lotion until the skin heals. Is mum having chemo at the moment as they will be concerned re this and may be able to offer some guidance for you. I havent come across thta before but maybe some of the other lovely folks on here have and will be along soon to help.    


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  • Thank you for the advice!  
    Yes she is having chemotherapy and immunotherapy, so we’ll ask the nurse about it tomorrow when we go in for the next batch.  Mum lives in Norway and I don’t know if they have Simple, but they‘ll have something similar I’m sure!  If not I can always bring her some from the UK on my next visit!  
    Thank you again