Pancreatic cancer Is this the end

My darling is in constant severe pain. 

Syringe driver updated with higher dose of morphine. He has a pain patch, pregabalin... 

He has problems with digestion. Hungry, but was careful to have small meals. 

Having been in hospital during and after first round of Folfirinox, he couldn't eat and lost a lot of weight. Came home on Monday. Bit of appetite and tiny frequent meals. 

I was delighted as on Thursday he had 2 small bowls of brocoli soup (onions, garlic, carrot) with small bit of brown bread. All I think nutritional and good. All with creon. And bmx or gaviscon if needed. 

Later in the evening he had a small bit of wholegrain well cooked rice and chicken breast. Very small portion. Probably not small enough. 

Abdomen bloated since then. Severe excruciating pain. Morphine barely helps. 

Ambulance took him to hospital early morning on Friday. Seemed better so we came home. In the evening same, so ambulance again and he is in hospital since. Pain still not under control. 

Worst is he has lost a will to live. He used to be so positive and upbeat. He helped many people through some tough times with his attitude. And it helped both of us. 

I understand that it is hard to have any hope with the amount of pain but knowing that  the negative attitude is very damagigvto his recovery chances I wonder if this is it. 

Is he dying?

I asked his nurse. She said she didn't know. His dr is back on Monday. But will he live that long? 

Can any carer help with advice? 

  • Hi Sly Cooper,

    How dreadful for both of you. I can't tell you if he's dying, but I have seen my husband like this and he has come through it. It's easy to understand that he feels like giving up; he's going through so much. I've only just seen your post and I know that a lot can happen in the intervening time. How is he now?

    Big hugs,

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