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Horns of a dilema

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My husband is in good hands in a local hospice thanks to the intervention of a liasing hospice charity nurse. He has developed ascetites and a scan in A and E just before New Year revealed spread of disease to the periteneum which is new. His oncologist is under his works private health care scheme . Since 28th December , GP arranged A and E visits resulted in NHS doctors  being reluctant to drain ascetites without oncologists approval.  Despite several requests and passing on of information from my husband and the hospice pharmacist to the oncologists secretary there has been no response from him . The oncologist previously ignored a referral back from our GP and only saw him at an appointment brought forward by his own team who were concerned at my husbands condition when he went for a routine portacath flush. He  is on the first cycle of third line treatment by chemotherapy tablets ,some of which he lost through vomiting. The NHS has no access to his Private Hosoital Information , luckily we have always asked for copies of scan reports and the latest ones were NHS emergency ones which the hospice do have access to. I dont know whether to request to be moved to an NHS oncologist or what else l can do.

Granny Sue
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I would ask to be moved to n.h.s despite the pressure its under I think your husband will get better treatment and I think you will feel more supported  Good luck and take care x

Granny Sue

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Hi, I'm very sorry to read of the dilemma you have found yourself in with regards to your husband's treatment.

It seems like bad practice for the oncologist to be ignoring GP requests under the circumstances I think that you should be making enquiries to a NHS oncologist about the transfer and would certainly suggest that either you or GP contact one at your local hospital to ascertain what the procedure would be. I did a quick check on this and it is possible but depending on local CCG group guidelines your husband may need to be assessed by the NHS oncologist and maybe subject to waiting times. The other point to be aware of is the medication your husband is on may or may not be something that the NHS fund. The NHS is still obliged to give your husband emergency treatment but as you have found out they may be reluctant to carry out any procedures without the private doctors notes.

It might be worthwhile looking tomorrow at the consultants at your local hospital and finding out the contact numbers for the consultants secretary and calling on Monday to have an early conversation before you speak to your GP to get the ball rolling. I have found at my hospital that secretaries are only part time so if one call goes to an answering machine try the next one on your list until you speak to someone or if all else fails speak to the oncology dept for advice.

Hope you can arrange a swift transfer for your husband into NHS care.

Please do keep us informed how you get on and how your husband progresses.


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