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Almost 2 years after being diagnosed with cancer of the larynx

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Almost 2 years ago my husband was diagnosed with cancer of the larynx. It was removed, total laryngectomy & his stomach was pulled up into his chest. During the operation a tear occurred in his windpipe (probably due to radiation treatment he had had 27 years previously), this has left him unable to swallow so has to use a suction machine 24/7. Didn't think things could get much worse but a small lump growing in the stoma site has just been diagnosed as a skin cancer but this one is going to kill him, there is no treatment they can give him because of past treatments. The consultant has said he has 12 - 18 months but with the speed this cancer is growing I can't imagine it will be that long.

How do other people cope with this death sentence hanging over them? It's not as if we can fulfil a bucket list as he doesn't have any go in him & is either in bed or in a chair.