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Anybody shed some light please ? Anybody out there ? 

    1. Hello there is always a wait between diagnosis and  treatment my husband had to have extra scans and appointments before he started chemo  for his oesphageal tumour as it was very near his aoerta .I asked the oncologist if that would make a difference and he said no as the chemo would reduce the tumour which it did before surgery . Its awful watching people having to endure this and it really messes with your mind but you have to have faith in the docters to some extent .That being said  it dosent mean you shouldnt ask as many questions as you want and  also ask for explanations .your mum should have been allocated a specialist nurse ring them up and get your mum to tell them she gives her permissio. For you to receive medical information about her .I hope this helpsalso the macmillian helpline is fery good as well.Take care keep posting we are here for you x 
  • Thank you for replying, I will it really does help to hear from others x