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Is then end near, who knows

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I don't come on the community often, usually to moan when I am frustrated, and I guess this is the same today, but a bit different I need a bit of advice.

Sept 6th, 2017, Melanie was diagnosed with a grade 4 Glioblatoma Multiform, and given between 8 and 12 months to live. She is still with us.

Two weeks ago she went in hospital after a fall and they put her on a drip for dehydration, my fault, as she has an end of life plan, which I took in the next day and had put on her records. After explaining I could no longer support her as much as I was in her home we got a new care plan in place, Melanie came home by ambulance last Friday. Full care in bed, and I was told she could go in hospice near the end. (who knows when that is?) which I refused as I promised her she would die in her own home.

Anyway, yesterday Melanie ate a yogurt, she vomited and brought this back, has sips of water during the day, but just wanted to sleep. I managed to get morning medication into her at lunchtime. The district nurse came and she said that if Melanie would not take her medication they would put it in via a driver my first thought was, OK, but the more I think about this, the more I think if she does not want her medication, all they should give as is stated in end of life plan she should only be given pain relief. 

Today she has taken morning medication from me and again only has half a cup of water during the morning.floor of

My question to the community are:

Would I be right to say No to the driver for anything but pain relief?.

I will not go home now, because as Melanie is not eating, it could be near the end, of a very hard journey for her and she will have the relief and peace she so deserves.

I don't regret anything I have done this last two years, even though I have missed time with my husband what I do know is I kept a promise to my daughter when we got the diagnosis, I would be with her, every step of the way.

I honestly do not know if I will be on here again, except to read replies, if any, I just want to thank people who have and are going through what I am, yet have found time to answer my moans, each time I have wrote one. Angels come in many disguises and many of you are. Thank you.

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Hi mummyhoney, I'm so sorry about Melanie, so sad. I lost my dad yesterday to GBM after just a 3.5 month battle from diagnosis. Melanie has come so far and I can't imagine how this has taken its toll.

My Dad was put on a syringe driver a few days ago as he couldn't swallow, then he started sleeping all day and night. He was given pain relief, anxiety meds and secretion for lungs med via the driver. He didn't drink for 2 days before he passed. His usual oral meds of steriods etc were stopped and they expected him to pass this week.

There's no much support when caring for someone at home, we felt abandoned. The District nurses popped in to change dressings on his legs for blisters and gave a couple of secretion injections towards the end before the driver was set up. 

I'm sorry I can't be of any help to you but I wish you all the best and know how tough this is. Please take xare. All my love xx