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Yet another review for poorly hubby

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Hi I am not looking forward to my hubby having to have another review after 6 months.Nothing will change.But what they want to do is stop his shopping trips with his communicater guides twice a week. This is madness, so we will both be stuck at home.I too am suffering with wonky hips.& anxiety.Feel exhausted .Very little help.Sorry to rant.Hubby has no savings at all.regards Amanda 


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Hi Amanda

I was very sorry to read your post and despair at the thought that an essential service is under threat to be withdrawn when it is so much of a lifeline to your husband and yourself

I take it that the review is carried out by Surrey County Council adult social care team, if they do withdraw the communicator guides I would appeal the decision and you should be asking your GP to support you on this.

I take it that you are claiming all the benefits you are entitled to, these are not charity they are in place to help you and your husband retain some quality of life.

Have you thought about contacting Surrey AgeUK to go over your benefits they may be able to suggest something that has been overlooked.

Not only do they help with benefits but they can help on other ways with their network of volunteers and they may be able to put together a plan that would see a volunteer come and take you and your husband out it's  worth a try you have nothing to lose but could gain a lot.

They have connections guides in Guildford & Waverley and Runnymede & Spelthorne.areas but if you don't live in these areas I would still contact them on 

Age UK Surrey

Call 01483 503 414

and see what they can offer you

I don't know if you've had a Carers Assessment, this is for you to make sure that your getting all the support you need its an entitlement that Surrey County Council Adult Social Care team will carry on your request, they should come to the house to do it and you should all supporting documents to help with assessment. Documents like hospital appointment letters etc are all very useful, be honest and pour your heart out to them and take all the support and benefits they offer.

 carer's assessment is the council's way of working out whether you qualify for support from them in your role as unpaid carer. The assessment is a chance for you to discuss how your caring responsibilities affect you. It will look at: whether you're willing and able to carry on providing care.

You should have a needs assessment carried on your husband, both assessments should and can be carried out at the same time.

When you got a moment please click on this to find out more details

Adult Social Care and Support Guide

If you would like to speak to one of the friendly Macmillans telephone advisers they can be contacted on 0808 808 0000 7 days a week between  8 am and 8 pm and they can give you advice on nearly everything and can point you to our specialist teams who can help with financial issues  benefits support  energy and much more.

Please keep in touch with us and let us know how you are getting on, we may be able to suggest other ways of getting help.

Best wishes 


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Good afternoon, Thank you for you message.My hubby is on the proper Benifits,& there is nothing more that we can do.I don't want another carer assessment as I will stand to loose my reflexology sessions I have through the council as this the only time I have Amanda time.And will a failed hip replacement, my reflexology means a lot to me.!! We have no children.Neither of us drive.I have an older half brother,who is useless & we don't get on well!! Hubby has a sister but she too has issues.Anyway all we can do is hold hope that the review might not be that bad.regards Amanda