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Bowel cancer and my Mam

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Hi, This is my first post. My Mam was misdiagnosed in February 2019 with gastroenteritis and after 4 separate trips to a&e, two by ambulance and one where she collapsed and had to be taken to resus, we were finally taken seriously. A CT scan showed a blockage and 20 inches were removed along with her appendicitis and the tumour. It had spread through the bowel wall and into two lymph nodes which they also removed. Oncologist said she would receive chemo and the op was a success. The scan before the chemo showed a small growth in her peritoniym and chemo was postponed. To date we have seen the oncologist every 6 weeks. Further scans have shown the growth in her peritoniym has doubled in size however, as she is 'well' and has no other symptoms he is still delaying chemo. Is this normal? Over the past two weeks she has complained of pains under her ribcage which last for an hour or so and then simply go. This has happened on three occasions. The cancer nurse said not to worry as it will just be scar tissue! I'm terrified it's spreading but the oncologist just doesn't seem 'concerned' at all.  Every time we go to the appointment I feel we aren't important and the constant fobbing off every six weeks is making me more and more angry. Any suggestions are very welcome. Thanks x

Needing friends
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Hi sundancer, I can understand your frustration. If you are like me you want to ask the questions but are afraid of the answers. Does the doctor feel that quality of life would be impaired by chemo?. Would the benefits of chemo be less than a cure and possibly cause problems? I am only guessing, I have no idea. It may be an idea to phone the Mcmillan help line and see if they can give you guidance. I find the not knowing so exhausting, but then I m not the one that's ill and I don't know how much I would want to know if it was me xxxx