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Calogen and Fortisip advice?

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Partner is now having issues with the Calogen Extra Shots. His nausea starts up every time he takes one (up to this point they have been fine). He is sick to death of the Fortisip Compact Protein bottles (he's been on them for about a month now). His swallowing is very restricted due to both breathlessness and the position of his cancer pressing on his gullet, so real food is very limited too.

My question is - can I mix the Calogen/Fortisip in with yogurts, ice cream, fruit purees and such? Is that allowed? I am trying to make them more palatable to him as they are his main source of nutrition.

I was going to ask the Dietitian on here but couldn't find the thread and am rushing for time today (aren't we all ;) ) Thank you for any and all advice offered!

You are never too old to learn
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never had the calogen but you can do whatever with the fortisip. They’re basically protein shakes. The more your partner can eat/drink the better. Might be an idea to try different flavours. They all made me sick except strawberry flavour. I’ve been on these on and off for nearly two years now and I’m used to them. Actually quite like them a bit now... but I did hate them at first. 

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Sorry to hear that partner is still struggling with eating

If you  CLICK ME this will up the Christie Hospital leaflet on Nutrition if you scroll down the pages you will see some ways of using Nutritional drinks by mixing them with packet soups, packet puddings (who can't resist instant whip), sauces etc and may answer some of your questions.

The leaflet shows products that can be obtained on prescription but you should check with your GP to ascertain which protein drinks are still available on prescription

Hope this helps and please do let us know the recipes that you come up with, I've no doubt many members will find them of interest and of help

Unfortunately our ask a dietitian page is closed just now but you could try asking questions on our Ask a nurse page if they have any further ideas.

I hope that your day became less stressful and you managed to stop rushing about.



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