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My husband is a year on from diagnosis today! This past year has gone by fast fueled on a whirlwind of emotions buy lately one that is pushing to the front is mum guilt. Our world has revolved around cancer and my husband naturally it's my main constant worry, but I keep feeling so sorry for not being the fun mum I was. I find myself trying to force fun activities but not actually being able to focus and can't cope when it doesn't go to plan or its not the great success I planned it to be. I know i try to spin too many plates at once without asking for help but I really feel I should be able to manage myself.

I'm just so angry and sad and I feel so sorry for my daughter missing out on top of everything else going on. 

  • I don't have any children but feel guilt if I_m enjoying something as partner been in hospital 3 wks and has pain. Have cut back on what I do and currently off work. My guilt also extends to not visiting my mum in another town. She has dementia and is in a care home and doesn't get stressed but miss the relationship I had with her when she was active and worried will be same with partner. Sending you kind thoughts.