Care at home

My aunty survived tongue cancer last year after major surgery and reconstruction. Her recovery was great and life was slowly getting back to normal. Around 6 weeks ago she developed severe backache. After alot of gp visits we eventually got referred investigations at our local hospital. Long story short it is now in her lungs, spine, bowel and hips and ribs. I'm bringing her home as that is where she wants to be for however long she has left. We will have support during the day I'm just worried about pain relief during the night. I will be with her I just hope I can do the best I can for her.

  • Hi

    I am sure you will do your absolute best and that will be a great comfort for your aunty.

    I am sure too that you realise how important it will be to look after yourself too, hopefully the support you have in the day will be able to help you with that, I know many hospice at home schemes focus quite a lot on the carer because it is all too easy to run ourselves ragged and that really ends up helping nobody.



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