Neuroendocrine cancer

Hi I am new to this group although I am wife to Dan who has had cancer for 5 years. Things are currently tough. Immune therapy drugs stopped due to 20kg weight loss and now steroid induced pyschosis from the steroids suppose to help him gain weight. 
Struggling somewhat..Disappointed

  • Hi @toto and welcome to our community.

    Sorry things are so rough at the moment, we often hear about issues with chemotherapy but you are right that steroids can be a big issue too. Fingers crossed that they do the job though so that this pain is worthwhile. 

    My wife has had cancer for a similar amount of time, most days are good but then something else does have a nice habit of coming along and getting at us.



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  • Thankyou. I have the local hospice coming out tomorrow so hoping for some support. Tough times. 

  • Toto,

    I hope things go as well as possible. I know what you are going through as my wife's cancer was neuroendocrine too. It's a complexed thing. She battled it to the end but sadly it took over. All throughout she experienced every side effect possible; it seemed that she was the whatever % who suffered  every side effect if there was one. It was difficult to watch but we tried throughout.

    Stay as strong as you can.


  • My husband had Neuroendocrine carcinoma high grade 

    everything you read is so negative 

    our oncologist is so negative too

    just feeling so sad and helpless 

  • Things taken a rapid turn for the worst. Rapid decline and now palliative care. Utterly devastated. 
    My son is travelling back fronOz I pray he makes it on time Pray tone1

    This disease is just horrid and unpredictable.

  • Carolynron,

    My heart goes out to you. We had at least an oncologist who was positive. Even at very end, I asked for opinion from the lead who assured nothing could be done.

    It's a devastating cancer which does not get the same, I cannot think of the word, 'publicity' as many others. The problem also is that it is not diagnosed until the latter stages. So, why the f@ck do we never hear about it? My apologies.

    Try to stay strong. That said, I write this as I experience both a significant date since date since of death and a looming anniversary.

    It's far from easy but try to keep going.


  • Toto,

    We went through the same. Hospital the Monday, told the Tuesday, hospice the Thursday, three weeks later the end. It was devastating.

    I can only say the hospice care was beyond what I could have asked for.

    My thoughts are with you and your family.

    Take care,