Endometrial treatment

My mom was diagnosed with endometrial cancer just under 5 weeks ago. Since then we have struggled between a possible hysterectomy to a hormone coil back to a hysterectomy.  ..mom actually went for a pre op last thursday. Her health is not good generally..type 2 diabetes recently diagnosed COPD awful mobility a history of strokes. Maybe not suprisingly the anathetist warned against surgery. I find it hard knowing she has the cancer inside her snd slways will. 

  • Prayers for both you and your Mum. My wife had a full hysterectomy 4 years ago and the tumor was removed. It's difficult when you feel you'd like to do more but can't. However, the love and support you give her will mean everything.  Best wishes Pray

  • My wife is in surgery now for the same type of cancer, I feel for your mum and the agonizing choices she has got. I really hope they can treat her with hormone treatments if she can't have the surgery. Sending hugs and support as much as I can.

    Keep strong Cb17, know you are not alone.

    Best Wishes