Hi everyone 

This is my first post  and would appreciate some advice. 
Our family is going through so much and I would like to find out how we could access counselling via MacMillan ? 
My mum has just had surgery for colon cancer. My dad is thought to have mesothelioma lung cancer however they are not investigating any further as he is too unwell for treatment. My sister had colon cancer last year and my brother in law died late last year from cancer. 
I am trying to hold it together the best I can but I’m more concerned about my son and daughter. They are young adults but this is huge for them to get their heads around as it would be for anyone. 
I feel they may benefit from talking to someone not emotionally attached to our situation. Of course it would be their decision but I’d like to give them the opportunity if they wish to do so. 
many thanks for reading this !