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Has anyone heard anything about Apricot Kernels?  Has anybody tried them?  Any success?

I ask because my Partner with Bowel Cancer was told about this today by someone he works with..

He will be asking anyway when we go to hospital for chemo on Tuesday, but I just thought I'd ask for your views.

Thanks a lot



  • Hi, if you type that into the 'search' place at the top of your screen I think the subject will come up, on various other threads. From what I understand there is a link with cyanide in Apricot kernels, and there is a concern that this may therefore become free in the body when ingested. There are claims of course, but I haven't yet seen any documentation by medically qualified oncologists advising them. 

    Do keep posting, I'd be interested in what your docs come up with.


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    Look up 'Amygdalin' or 'Laetrile' or 'Vitamin B17' (not that it's anything like a vitamin though. Prepare to be confused.
    You want an opinion -  It's useless.

  • This 'theory' has been around for a while, and in the midst of this horrible time, everyone clutches at straws. Sorry sweetheart, it is just that - a straw.

    Best wishes,


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  • Hi Sue,

    My husband was diagnosed a year ago with bowel cancer with liver mets.  A well meaning friend bought him a huge bags full of Apricot Kernels  He ate them.  He still has bowel cancer with liver mets , one difference, he hates Apricot Kernels.

    Take care

    Ann x

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    Hello Sue,

    A "well-meaning" friend of my parents gave my father a book on this subject as he "swears by them" and takes them daily to "prevent cancer". My Dad decided my Mum should have them. Now, I have no problems with "alternative therapies" as some are quite good and it is possible that the Apricot kernels may help "some" people. However, my Dad made my Mum's life hell as he insisted she eat them and - even when she couldn't swallow them, he ground them up and put them in smoothies - and Mum still couldn't swallow them.

    I tried to eat one and they taste FOUL! I spat it out. I then read the book from cover to cover - which my father said he'd done, but he had not - and discovered that, according to the author,  one needs to take these kernels for at least 2 years for them to be effective (if they ever are) and one seemingly needs to be under the age of 55 to have any real hope of a so called cure. My Mum had less than 6 months to live and was over the age of 85, so it was never going to have helped her.

    Moomy is right about the release of cyanide, but the book I read claims that it only attaches to the cancer cells and leaves healthy cells alone. Personally - I have HUGE doubts as to any proven validilty regarding these and would avoid them like the plague as they really do taste terrible! Hope this helps you in some way.

    Take care Rose x x x

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    Thanks to all, who have replied.  I spent a little while looking up on the Internet but I thought it better to ask peoples opinions or experiences.

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    No, I don't think we'll be bothering with the Apricot Kernels.  I did wonder anyway about these 'fantastic' cures (bit of sarcasm there. LOL).  Personally, I'd rather leave it to the specialist.

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    Dear Suelynn! 

    Please, read this article about vitamin b17 (contains in apricot kernels) https://www.wondergardens.club/en/amygdalin-a-cure-for-cancer-or-a-well-promoted-brand/

    I can tell you its good for health. But is it healing the cancer? its big question. Please do not take a risk.

    And check out this article about apricot benefits https://www.wondergardens.club/en/apricot-health-benefits/

    I think apricot and their kernels is so usefull but not a cure from cancer. And need to talk with doctor anyway. I hope everything will good!!

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    I have read that Apricots were used as a healer even in Egyptian times.  I believe they contain B17 which fights cancer cells however, I don't know much about why it is the kernal

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    you can get B17 in lentils, brown rice and chickpeas