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I was diagnosed with triple positive breast cancer back in June. I've just completed 3 rounds of EC chemotherapy and next Wednesday I start my 1st of 4 rounds of Docetaxel and Phesgo injections and I'm so nervous! Not so much with the Docetaxel as I know the process will be very similar to what I'm used to in the chemo suite with that. It's the Phesgo that I'm nervous about! I'm already a massive wimp when it comes to needles (I know, you think I'd be used to it by now!), but the thought of having a needle in my thigh for 5-8 minutes is filling me with such dread. 

I'm looking for anyone willing to talk about their experience with getting the Phesgo injections. Is it painful? Am I going to feel anything during? e,g, I'm nervous I'm going to feel faint (I've fainted at blood tests and covid vaccinations before). I'm probably getting myself all worked up for something that isn't that bad (that has been the case with everything so far since diagnosis!), but I would love some reassurance that it's all going to be okay. Or even just some nicely put, but honest feedback that it isn't very nice, just so I know what to expect. 

Also, if anyone has had similar treatment to me (EC 3 weekly followed by 3-weekly Docetaxel and Phesgo), how did you find side effects from the Docetaxel in comparison to the EC?


    1. Hello. I was diagnosed with Her2 positive and ER positive BC exactly a year ago. I think I have now had 14 doses of Phesgo and 6 x Docetaxel I totally understand your concerns as different routes of injections come with different anxieties. From my experience I would say that there is not so much fuss about "finding the right spot" as there is with inserting a cannula for I.V. All of the nurses are very experienced at administering Phesgo and only the first dose is very slow then it takes just a few minutes. I can t promise it won't you hurt at all but it really hasn't been too bad at all for me. I would definitely recommend telling the nurses how you feel before the injection as they will be experienced in helping people with anxiety around injections. It isn't fair for me to say "don't worry" but I do hope after dose 1 you agree it isn't t as bad as you feared
  • Thank you for your reply. Glad to hear that it hasn't been too bad for you. Thank you for sharing, it really helps to hear others experiences, I'm sure I will come out the other side saying the worry wasn't worth it, but that doesn't stop me worrying! 

  • Hi, I'm sorry I've only just seen your post. How was your first Phesgo injection? I hope it was not too traumatic for you. I'm having my second to last jab this coming week. I haven't enjoyed having them. All but a few have stung, especially as it first goes in. I found that the slower they do it, the less it stings. Also a bit of stinging after they take the needle out. I didn't notice any adverse side effects. I know it seems like a long road ahead, but just take it one dose at a time. Happy to chat/answer any questions. Take care x

  • Hi, 

    It wasn’t as bad as I was anticipating, the nurses that did it were so lovely and gave me a lollipop to suck on which I think helped as a distraction! 
    It did sting quite badly in the beginning, but then I do tend to have quite a low pain threshold, and the stinging did only last about 30 seconds. Then it just felt achy, like I could just feel the needle there. And it stung at random times for a few seconds (I wasn’t looking but I’m assuming they could have been administering it a bit faster at these points based on what others have said about it being better if they go slow). Afterwards it felt like I needed to itch it really badly for about half an hour. 
    I’m not looking forward to the next one next week but overall I think I was worrying way too much for what it is! 
    Good luck with your next one.