Hair is starting to grow

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Hey lovely people,

My hair has started to re-grow (more fluff than hair), and wanted to ask - should I start using shampoo now that I have some regrowth? 


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  • Hi, as soon as I started to see a tiny sprouting of hair I started using shampoo. I have been using the Cornish Seaweed Company shampoo and hair and scalp oil and it’s been fabulous! After 2 months I had quite a bit of hair back so I have just started to use the conditioner as well. It comes back quicker than you think once it starts xxx 

  • Thank you. I have looked at the Cornish Seaweed Company's products, so it's good to have a.recommendation Slight smile

  • For me personally, I love it. Also, my skin is not a fan of heavy moisturisers but it literally drank the face oil through and after chemo. It’s expensive but I’m sticking with it.

    Also, if you lost lashes I used an American company called Prime Prometics. I used their serum and mascara the second I had little stumpy lashes and they were back thick and healthy within a few weeks xx

  • I will get on and order some. Did you use the scalp oil daily? Yes - I've seen the Prime mascara and all the good reviews for people who've had chemo - may get some of that too Ok handSlight smile thanks x

  • If you order the shampoo and scalp oil you may find you get the face oil free (you do sometimes). I used the scalp oil daily for about a month then just a few times a week. xx

  • Hi! What great news for you. Just wondering how long after your chemo did your hair start to grow? I hated losing my hair and I'm so self conscious about wearing my wig/hat when I'm out and about. 

  • My hair loss is a bit strange to explain but I will try… I had 8 rounds of chemo and I cold capped for the first 6. At my 7th treatment I had a few fairly large bald ‘spots’ so I wasn’t allowed to continue.  After my last treatment I still had some hair but with quite a few patches. About 3 weeks after my last treatment all the remaining hair fell out! But by this point I had stubble in the bald patches so I was never completely without hair. But it came back in fairly quickly. 

    I had my last treatment on 22nd March and I now have a fairly healthy head of hair, albeit very short - I look like a salt and pepper GI Jane!

    I purchased a wig when my cold cap stopped, but I must confess I only wore it once and I just felt too self conscious personally. I’ve been hat free for about a month now x

  • Thanks for your detailed reply! I also had 8 rounds of chemo, and I had to stop with the cold cap after the 3rd round because I lost so much hair after the second round. It was pretty traumatising having to have the rest of my head shaved off. The wig I got is good - so many people didn't even realise it was a wig. But I'm always so weary whenever there is a gust of wind in case it gets blown off! I finished my treatment 3 weeks ago, so perhaps by the end of the year I will have some coverage... :-(

  • My head on the 3rd of May and today. So hopefully you’ll have plenty of hair by the end of the year.

    I had already taken the clippers to my hair to make it fairly short before I stopped cold capping as it was all over the place. As my hairdresser did it I just told myself she was shaving off any cancer that maybe lingering in my hair. I tried to think of it as a new chapter - losing my hair hopefully meant losing the cancer. With new, fresh, healthy hair regrowth hopefully means the same for my body. x

  • Oh thank you for sharing!!!