New to breast cancer club , need advice

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Hi , I went for a routine mammogram 3 weeks ago , an area of calcification was found . 
biopsy done Heavy check mark️ 

I was diagnosed with DCIS -early stages of cancer I believe 

I’m a wreck of nerves , as at the appointment he also took a biopsy of my right breast which had already been given the all clear by ultra sound . ? 

Then he referred me for an MRI the following week , what I’m getting to , is that the extra test have made me nervous that there is more and I will die basically , I’ve blown it into a massive thing , now I’m worrying myself sick for the chat on Monday about how we are going forward , 

the wait has turned me into a wreck and the what if’s !! 

  • Hey satch76 

    It’s very daunting being diagnosed with cancer. I’m sure your mind is all over the place. I know my mind certainly was. (I too have been diagnosed with DCIS in my right breast back in 2021 - at the time I had a mastectomy with a SLNB with no signs of invasive cancer).

    I would recommend jotting down any questions you have for your consultant as you can be given a lot of information at your appointment and often I came away forgetting to ask the certain things I wanted to know. 

    It seems positive that they are referring you for an MRI to rule out any further spread.

    After my surgery in 21 I requested an mri or further testing to rule out any spread and was refused. Yet I’m here now undergoing chemotherapy having been diagnosed with invasive breast cancer of the lymph nodes. 

    sending you positivity and strength to get through these next few weeks of unknown - waiting around for weeks on results is definitely one of the biggest struggles, things were a lot easier for me once I knew what the diagnosis was and the treatment. 


  • Hi Nicolee 

    I hope your invasive cancer diagnosis is treatable .

    thank you for your advice , 

    It’s such a scary time .