Mastectomy at 43

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I was diagnosed with stage 2 ductal breast cancer a few weeks ago and needed a mastectomy. I'm recovering well physically but emotionally I'm a mess. I'm awaiting my next appt on Thursday to find out if any follow up treatment is needed but I'm scared, angry, fed up. I want reconstruction when possible. I have loads of questions whizzing round my head and feel so overwhelmed with it all 

  • I’m sorry to hear that. I’m 41 and the doctors are trying to book mine in for this Friday. It’s so scary and frightening. 

  • Hello, this journey we are on brings with it many emotions for sure and managing them is so hard. If it’s an option, have someone with you as this may help with taking in all the information and asking all the questions. I always wrote questions down prior to appointments. All the best for today.