Newly diagnosed Mom of 42

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  1. Hello all. I'm Sarah, im 42 and a Mom to three boys 25, 22 and 8. I was diagnosed the 3rd January with stage 1 breast cancer. Trying to get my head round it all at the moment and trying to be strongHuggingor my boys and husband is so difficult. I'm waiting on an appointment with my consultant to talk about my operation. When I first got diagnosed there plan was lumpectomy followed by radiotherapy folHuggingwed by tablets. I'm still working nights in a nursing home a couple of shifts a week. Just wanted to reach out and say hello to everyone Hugging
    1. Hi Sarah, just wanted to say hi back as I'm the same age as you and also a mum. It's been a bit of a shock too. I've had a lumpectomy, started on tamoxifen and will shortly be starting radiotherapy. It was really hard to get my head around it at first but it's getting easier as time goes on. I worked up to my surgery but have been off since to recover. Good luck with your treatment x
  • Hi blackcats, hope you are OK. Thankyou for replying to me. Yes it's a shock and nothing feels the same anymore? When did you get diagnosed and how was the lumpectomy? Xx

  • I was diagnosed in September. I found a small lump while on holiday in August. Lumpectomy was in October. I was really anxious going into it but it was actually fine. The morphine helped! It definitely took a month or so before I had all my arm movement and energy back (I had a reconstruction at the same time) but I'm feeling physically pretty normal again. Emotionally, it's just been a huge adjustment to accept I have cancer. I have no family history or big risk factors so I really wasn't prepared for this. I've started some counselling recently which is really helping me get my head around things. I hope your operation goes ok. Xx

  • Thankyou, just waiting on dates now. Did you have a biggish lump taken away which needed reconstruction? They haven't spoken to me about reconstruction. I've only seen my consultant once when I got diagnosed 3 weeks ago so I'm full of questions for him xxx

  • So, I'm fairly small chested and while the lump wasn't too big, it would have left me with quite an obvious difference on each side. The surgeon gave me a couple of options, either just the lumpectomy or reconstruction at the time or a reconstruction later on. For me, I wanted to be as symmetrical as possible and also didn't want to wait for another surgery. When you have the next appointment they should go through all the options that might work for you. If you can, I would recommend taking someone with you as I found it really helpful to weigh up the options with someone before deciding. Xx

  • Ohh ok, yeah I had my husband with me last time. I do remember the cancer nurse saying something about fluffing me up during surgery so I imagine she ment reconstruction. I'm quite small chested as well. 

  • Hello  - wanted to drop you a hi because I’m also a mum, our youngest are the same age as are we. I don’t have a formal diagnosis yet as I’m still going through tests but I’m scared as cancerous cells have been found. I hate the wait for knowing exactly what’s going on. sending you peace and healing :) 

  • Hello, I would agree that the waiting is not very nice as it can sometimes feel that you are out of control. My cancer was largely DCIS and about 20mm IDC. They took 70mm out so I had a partial mastectomy with reconstruction. They used tissue from my back. Healed well with no major drama. Feel free to have a look at my profile as you might find useful information there. Best wishes 

  • Hello  thank you for sharing that info with me. I’ll admit I’m so new the DCIS and IDC mean nothing to me. I’m glad you headed well. The thought of having harsh chemicals put into my system terrifies me because it’ll be a sensory nightmare. 

  • Hello Lyta

    How worrying for you, im sorry you are going through stress. Its the worst ever time. Trying to keep it together and been strong for the kids is really tough because you don't get time to breath and focus on what's to come. Please keep in touch and let me know how you get on. Sending you hugs love xxx