Choice between mastectomy and radiotherapy

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Hi, I have been offered a mastectomy instead of radiotherapy. The oncologist thinks I should have a mastectomy with breast reconstruction while my surgeon thinks I should have radiotherapy. The reasoning behind the mastectomy is that my DCIS only showed up as 8-9mm on the mammogram but they actually ended up taking out 45mm when it came to do doing the lumpectomy. They are concerned it might not show up on future mammograms but the margins they took in my last surgery were clear. They we’re actually within the 1mm margins required by NICE to not need further surgery. 
Just to give you some background I am a 46 year old single mum of two girls aged 11 and 13, and have a dog to boot! I also don’t have any family close by. In 10 years time I would be in a much better position to have a mastectomy but feel that the timing is wrong right now, what with the frequent hospital visits, recovery and hospital stay after the surgery. Any advice would be appreciated. 

  • Hi, its unusual for the oncologist and surgeon to have different opinions as they have a MDT meetings to discuss each patients needs well that what has always happenend to me. They are usually in agreement after the meeting and everyone knows whats happening. I think i would have a meeting/ phone call with all who are involved in your treatment and see exactly  what needs to be done regarding your treatment plan. I must say there is never a right time i am afraid cancer is a pain in the bum. If it was me i would go back to the tean who are looking after you and have a real in depth chat you need more information before you can make any important decisions. I wish you all the best x

  • Just popping in to say Im 46, had a mastectomy (my request after they mentioned lumpectomy initial plan, with no reconstruction) December 7th. Recovered really well in 2 weeks and was well enough to be back driving and back at work. But it was found then in lymph nodes, so had second op to remove on January 8th. It has been a tougher 2 + weeks but Im feeling well enough today to think of working next week, and i drove today. I was in and out in a day with both ops. I've had 7 hospital visits from start (initial tests, results, pre-op, mastectomy, results/check, sentinel node clearance, resuts/check) and next I have chemo to face. Just to give you an idea if you do end up having a mastectomy, not thst it would be the same as you seem to have had some meetings already.

    But I agree with  the team discuss and agree plan before meeting the patient to inform. So question your breast care team why you are being given different messages and ask if the team are going to meet yo discuss and agree best plan for the best outcome. 

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