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Hi, I'm Em and I was diagnosed with primary ductal breast cancer on 2 Nov, and I'm 46. Had first op (lumpectomy and axillary clearance) on 28 Nov. Developed a seroma the week after the op (they are an uncomfortable pain in the ass) and it couldn't be drained. At my post op appt the consultant informed me that I needed another op as not all of the margin had been cleared. Had my second op last Tuesday. Went ok. The last couple of days I've felt emotional, a bit lost, really unsettled and in limbo again. Seems worse second time around. I know it will pass, but that's how I feel today. Thanks for reading  Em.

  • Dear Em,

    I was deeply moved by your message. Facing breast cancer and going through surgeries is incredibly tough, and it's okay to feel emotional and unsettled. You're showing remarkable strength in this challenging time. Remember, it's normal to have tough days, and it's a part of the healing journey. Your courage and hope are inspiring. Know that you're not alone, and I'm here for you, sending love and support. Take care of yourself and be kind to yourself, Em.

  • Had mastectomy 7/12 and back 8/1 to have sentinel node clearance - this second op has knocked me more so understand what you're feeling. Just trying to work through each day, trying to get some form of routine. Its hard going but we'll get there x

    Ninsim Heart

  • Hang in there. You're right, a day at a time is the way to get through this. I hope today is a good day Slight smile

  • Hi Em, 

    I totally understand where you are coming from. I’m waiting for my 2nd surgery after lumpectomy revealed DCIS and I had 1/1 macro node. So going in for node clearance, single mastectomy and reconstruction next Thursday. I’m fully recovered from my last surgery and am dreading going back in. I’m also in a terrible state thinking that it’s spread to more lymph nodes (and therefore possibly further). All of the waiting and delay to finding out what my treatment plan is, is really getting to me. I’ve signed up for the BUPA counselling through MacMillan in an attempt to try and help me cope.

    in the meantime, I’m trying to keep busy but know that the period after surgery is going to be tough. 

    Anyway, hope you are feeling a bit brighter. Keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on…

    A xx

  • Hi A, thanks for your message. I feel like you are with regards to waiting to find out what my treatment plan is going to be...I'm keeping everything crossed for my post-op appt next week Fingers crossed I hope your op goes well next week (I found the recovery from the axillary node clearance more annoying than the lumpectomy - not saying that to stress/worry you) and let me know how you get on. Have a good day x

  • Hi - just to say I’m healing well and doing my exercises. Just the dreaded wait now for results on lymph nodes. I’ve gone down a rabbit hole again and am constantly fearing the worst… which I know is natural but after repeated surgeries is very draining! 
    how are you doing and do you have your treatment plan? Hope all is going well and this has given you a renewed focus to move forward xx

  • Waiting on test results is awful. Mine hadnt gone further than the 2 nodes (13 removed) so onward with chemo from monday. Friends invited me out to a cocktail night tonight.....said ill give it a miss, got a very different cocktail day on monday to come! Very worried about it all but again, trying to think in this minute, being present now, not thinking ahead 3 days is the only way i can cope and its the only way ive been able to get through these last 10 weeks

    Ninsim Heart