1 week post lumpectomy

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Hello, this is my first time posting, looking for some people in a similar situation to walk the journey with! I'm 47 and was diagnosed with grade 2 invasive breast cancer (hormone receptive) at the start of the summer. I had a lumpectomy and removal of 3 lymph nodes a week ago and am recovering at home. I was told at the outset I would have radiotherapy and hormone drugs but waiting for results of the op before I get a more defined treatment pathway. I have 3 kids age 15, 13 and 9 who are all coping amazingly well with my illness and a very supportive husband - I am very thankful!

Just currently trying to work out comfortable bras! I am currently finding a non padded, non wired one from M&s comfortable but would love something slightly padded. Anyone found anything good?

  • Hi  

    Welcome to the Macmillan forum and well done on posting. It sounds as though you are doing well after your surgery and that you have a lovely family to support you. I have had a different type of cancer to you but by responding to your post it will place it back at the top where it may be seen by more members of the breast cancer group and hopefully some suggestions for you.

    I wish you well in your recovery and best wishes for your treatment. Best regards.

    A x

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  • welcome, i found a zip up sports bra from M&S good, it has some padding and no holes for prosthetis, but held me up and in,and when  the surgeon saw it said, good bra, 

    FlexifitTm Non Wired Full Cup Bra, not a racerback, has a hook and a zip

    also be aware you can get VAT relief because of your diagnosis

  • Hi and welcome-this is my first time posting anything too!

    You sound really quite similar to me. I’m 44 and had a lumpectomy and 3 nodes removed at the start of July. I feel very fortunate and thankful too as I got a good clearance and no spread to lymph nodes so I’m going ahead with radiotherapy, which I’m still waiting for. I’ve already started on Tamoxifen.

    With regards to the bras - I found the Asda soft comfort non-wired bras to be really comfy Blush I unfortunately still have a haematoma following surgery but still find those bras to be the comfiest.

  • Thankyou sistermoon, wishing you well too and thanks for responding

  • Thanks, Djct, I saw those and will have another look. 

  • Hi Led, that's really encouraging that you've had great results from your surgery. I'm sorry that you've had a haematoma - is it painful?  I hadn't thought to look in Asda, so thankyou for the shout on that. 

  • Really hoping for good results for you too Blush

    it’s not too painful thanks-just very solid and a bit tender!

    No worries - they're quite reasonable too so probably worth a look Blush