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Just been to doctors today, As found a lump, waiting on apoitment to go to the breast clinic,can anyone advice what to expect?

  • Hi emz17,

    Firstly do not panic and do not google! 

    I will tell you what happened with me, met with the consultant who had a feel and examination of the breasts and the lump. She told me I will need a mammogram and biopsy. Unfortunately the day I went they could not do the biopsy and they both need to be done together. I went back a few days later and had both. All clinics might be different, you may get a mammogram and that it is and they maybe happy with that, they may want further tests. Waiting is the worst part, try to keep busy, stay positive and do keep away from google. Really hope everything goes well for you x

    1. Please do not freak out. I found a lump myself as was too young to have routine checks. I was first sent for an ultra sound which picked up the lump. Biopsy was done there and then. I was then sent for a mammogram to confirm the size of the lump but this was unsuccessful due to breast tissue being so dense due to my age. I was then sent for an mri. This confirmed the size of the lump. About a week later I have my result’s appointment with the great care team. This confined my fear of it being cancer. I was then booked in for a lumpectomy to remove the cancer and an area around it aswell as lymph nodes. 

    the results from the operation and lymph nodes were successful. The cancer had not spread anywhere else, it had been caught very early. I started a 2 week course of radiotherapy and put on tablets for 10 years.

    the whole process took about 6 weeks from diagnosis to treatment. I have just been told that the cancer has completely gone and I can expect a long and healthy life with a cancer return rate of less then 10 percentage, this puts me in a much better position then many other women.

    I wish you all the best in these uncertain times