Does anyone understand?

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Good morning,

im new here I was diagnosed in sept 22 and am now having chemotherapy,

i just feel so low 

my husband and I split up as he wasn’t showing any support at all 

he has only contacted me 2 times since and both were just to see if I wanted sex ! ( one of those times was 1 day after chemo )

my appearance has changed so drastically that I actually just want to stop treatment now !

I’ve gained weight due to steroids etc

inniw have about 50 wrinkles over my top lip , I have actually shed about 20 years , and now I’m thinking is there any point ! 
nobody is ever going tonnes time again , especially with my looming mastectomy 


  • Hey Sam, I’m so sorry for everything you are going through. My husband and I divorced this summer and I was diagnosed in October. It can be so lonely. I’m actually meeting with a therapist this coming Friday, I spoke to the social worker at the hospital and she gave me some recommendations for therapists who work with cancer patients. I have a friend with lung cancer who highly recommended seeing a therapist. I know it is so hard but please don’t give up hope. It’s good you are reaching out for help here but don’t be afraid to ask for professional help too. 

  • my good and beautiful friend,
    You are stronger than these words, and be sure that soon all this will be over while you have a glass of wine in your hand on the beaches of Spain under the sun...

    I understand it and I wish you good health

  • Good morning! Firstly I sympathise fully. I seperated from my husband last year just after finding out my cancer had metazised to my lung and windpipe.

    He wasnt showing the support I needed but it was still a hard decision to make. We had been married 13 years and have 4 children together. But sometimes we have to put ourselves first and make hard decisions. I was then diagnosed stage 4 and started pallative chemo. 

    My appearance has changed too. I look like I have been sucking lemons as I have loads of wrinkles above my lips also and my brow is furrowed.

    But this happend when I had chemo a few years ago too. And they actually fade when treatment is done. Chemo attacks all your cells including skin cells and while all the lines won't go your skin will plump back out and you will regain some of your youthfulness.. just like hair grows back your skin will rejuvenate.

    I Had to really distance myself from my husband (hard when you have 4 kids) but he was the same as your husband is being.

    Put you first. I promise things will get better, please don't give up hope. If you need to chat, please reach out. xx