Invasive breast cancer grade 2

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Hi everyone

great to be here with others going through similar situations although no offense I wish I wasn’t but I am 

I was diagnosed with cancer just before Christmas and on Monday I go in for a lumpectomy and also some lymph’s out to be biopsied too .

im trying to remain positive but the waiting is a killer more than anything the not knowing etc

i have two dependent children at home my boy who’s nearly 16 who knows all about it but I have a 7 year old girl and at first I thought I won’t say anything at all as I don’t want to spoil her beautiful happy personality and protect her with her been young 

however I think I should tell her so we go through it as a family , obviously limited detail age appropriate but my husband disagrees it frightens him so today I just said mummy has a poorly in her boobie that is been taken out on Monday which she accepted but I feel like I should join her in the journey and not be afraid to use the word cancer I say to my husband he’s thinking like an adult and it wouldn’t be the same for our little girl as it would all be positive and brief 

I know she would love to help me and cuddle and watch movies if I’m poorly during the journey to success (positive thinking ) 

mid love to here advice or experiences from you all so I can also  share with my husband and we can talk more about it 

sending love and positivity to you all 

ginnie xxx

  • Hi, it's tough to know what to do in these situations and as think there's no right or wrong answer, it's about how comfortable you feel.

    Macmillan has some useful resources about telling children. Here's the link in case you and your husband find this useful.  Best ofmluck

    Telling children about cancer

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  • Hi Ginnie

    How did your op go?

    I was also diagnosed and have my Lumpectomy tomorrow, my son is 8 and I have told him, he's taken it so well and is a real Mummy's boy. As you say, cuddles and movies are our mission when feeling poorly. I found being honest and reassuring my son made all the difference. You'd be surprised how resilient they are.

    Hope all is okay x

  • Hi there yes I’ve also just started with telling my 7year old mummy has a nasty poorly in her boobie and has to have an op to get it out she understood that so just lefty it there for now until I know what is ahead 

    cuddles from them are the best though and do help so much 

    I wish you all positive vibes tomorrow for your operation love 

    I had mine two weeks ago and today have just taken the dressing off it went ok I won’t lie it’s sore but bearable second week I found more painful and bruised so I spoke to my nurse and they reassured me this was normal so that helped 

    I’m just waiting on biopsy results now from tumor and cells around it plus they took some lymph’s to biopsy so not sure what’s ahead yet but am determined to beat it what ever is and you willl to

    Itw a tough old journey it’s all a waiting game isn’t it at the start 

    all I know is mine is estrogen receptive and called invasive ductal breast cancer which is common so that in itself is a positive if we can find them attached to the word cancer , but we have to it’s  also grade two the rest like I say I have to wait until the 15th feb which is driving me insane 

    what have you been diagnosed with and are they taking any of your lymph’s for biopsy 



  • Hey Slight smile

    I have to say my biggest concern is how i'll feel after the op, its good to understand how you feel. I was hoping I can work from home the second week (my choice) but if its going to be painful I may just take the time off.

    I also have the same invasive ductal carcinoma but Grade 3 I am ER and PR Positive. They are planning on taking a sentinel biopsy tomorrow as well.

    The waiting is the worst part, its the biggest element of stress but I also get why they take their time to get the full picture. I really hope the 15th comes around quickly for you and that the results are positive - have they given you any indication on what will be next?

    Please keep me posted on your journey and wishing you positive vibes as you continue to recover.


  • Hi 

    to be honest I’m one of those that it’s hard to keep still so I relaxed for a week and gradually picked up 

    reason I relaxed I had surgery on the Monday came home that night then Tuesday rushed in with like influenza symptoms and violent diarrhea it turns out I got food poisoning and I suspect it was the sand which I nibbled at after surgery in hospital as I didn’t have anything when I got home and had fasted since Sunday t time 

    just my luck Sob

    anyway all I know for sure is I will be on some form of tablet to keep estrogen levels low and radio therapy 

    but it depends on biopsy results may need another op if spread in nymphs or needs more shaving off etc and could end up chemo I’m just not hundred percent sure until biopsy results back 

    it’s just a nightmare the waiting to be honest I don’t care what they do 

    I think I’d freak abit if they said they were just doing radio if contained I want chemo if you get me , I mean I don’t want to be poorly. It I’d rather have chemo to zap if anything lurking 

    I’ll keep you posted 

    see how you go after 

    I did pick up after week and to be honest it kept my mind occupied but we all handle things different 

    my boob is still tender it’s gonna be when you think of rummaging about and cutting they do but my armpit is sorest 

    sending love and support and si much positive vibes for you breast buddy 

    keep me posted love 


  • Oh wow! Good old hospital food Face palm♀️I shall keep that in mind! I’m finding it strange I’m not being admitted till midday but I can keep drinking till then and a light breakfast allowed before 7am! Strange to me!

    I am so with you on the chemo, throw everything at me and give me the best chance. My consultant said he’d give it to me 100% and would predict the oncotype would say I need it, but it’s down to the oncologist who may send it for testing or just decide yes. Radiotherapy is certain though. 
    I really hope your nodes are clear and the margins are clear PrayFingers crossed were you offered a choice between lumpectomy or mastectomy? I was, but consultant said they yield the same results overall but obviously a risk of another op if they don’t take out enough. I hope I’ve made the right decision.

    We’ve got this though 100Raised hands xx

  • Not offered mastectomy’s as they said it measured 20 mmmkne deep at side of breast near armpit so no deep lump scar I suppose on boob at top but I would t care 

    if it comes back and it’s not all gone I’ll. Ask for one and if not I’ll get second opinion as we always take what they say as bible don’t we really 

    I just pray for you and me it’s as positive as it can be 

    my relative in Vancouver is on same journey as me and you but she had her a removed 3rd January they came back to her after a week and told her lymph’s were clear thank god so me and you will be third time and second time lucky lovely 

    I kept saying to surgeon at appointment whatever you take off around tumor double it triple it 

    it worries me as my friend passed last year 48 yrs old 10 years ago she had lumpectomy and they missed abit 

    eventually it ended up all over her 

    However medicine has come a lot even in that time and I had target wore out in also 

    we just have to keep positive 

    I’m not sure how this site works or if we can private message but I’m here for you 

    many thanks for your positivity and wishes they are coming right back at you 

    strange the times you said I went in 7.30 in morning had surgery about 11 came out about 2 back wars I could eat up to midnight night before but didn’t as don’t wanna eat due to nerves 

    where abouts in uk are you xxx

  • Sorry for mistakes I’ve left glasses downstairs JoyHeart

  • I will be thinking of you tomorrow you will be ok all will be good when you up to it let me know how you are xxx

  • Hi Ginnie,

    I know i am late and you have probably spoken to your daughter. My breast cancer has been classed as incidental as it was found whilst i was having another operation. I have 3 daughters, 3, 9 and 16. I was first diagnosed with DCIS (pre-invasive) but it covered my whole breast so would need a mastectomy, i told my eldest daughter and my youmgest daughters childminder, whilst telling the childminder my 9 year old overheard! She sat upstairs on her own and cried, she waited for the childminder to leave and then told me. 

    With all that being said I spoke to the headteacher at her school where they have in house counselling, the teacher also purchased books for her, the key one being 'mommy has a lump'. 

    After my mastectomy they found invasive cancer and it had spread to one of my lymphnodes so have since had all of them removed - the remaining were all clear.

    I will be having radiotherapy and 10 years of Tamoxifen and like you i was like give me the chemo too but they told me chance of recurrence was low

    I hope all goes well for you and pls keep us updated!