Hey ladies! Looking for your experiences with breast implant removal and mastoplexy

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Hello! Hope youre all doing well and appreciate you reading my post! I'm new to the forum. I'm 36 and have triple positive HER2 breast cancer quite high up in my left breast. I've only got 1 large tumour that hasn't spread.  I've made it through 8 months of chemo and hormone therapies (which unfortunately haven't worked) and now I'm 3 weeks away from surgery. I met an amazing surgeon in Nottingham who says she can remove my lymph nodes, the cancer, my breast implants and give me a breast reduction and lift keeping the implants out as I'm still due radio and tbf I don't really want implants again so I can confidently check myself in the future. So so happy to hear I can keep both my breasts as I'd mentally prepared myself to lose at least one. I'm going from a 34GG to possibly a B or C cup. I'm really nervous about recovery, does anyone have experience of similar surgery? I live alone with my 5 year old and 2 dogs so don't get a lot of rest time. What was the pain like and for how long? What did they look like after they healed? Did radio change the shape much? What was it like going from large boobs to smaller boobs? I have so many questions!