How effective is Zoladex and letrozole.

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I was diagnosed with grade 2 invasive lobular breast cancer is February 2022. Was put on Zoladex injections and letrazole tablets. I’ve had no up to date scans to see if the medication is working. Was originally told my surgery would be around the 1 year anniversary of my treatment starting. Fast forward 8 months and I see a completely different Dr and she asked me why i haven’t had surgery yet. So now she has panicked me. I have an MRI this week and see her again in 4 weeks. Now I’m scared the treatment hasn’t worked and they are gonna tell me it’s spread. She has said if it’s just a lumpectomy needed that could be this side of Christmas. Has anyone had to wait so long and found the treatment hasn’t shrunken the tumour as much as they hoped it would.

  • Hi  sorry to hear of the uncertainty around your treatment. It's good that you an MRI and a follow up scheduled and it might be worth asking if you have to wait 4 weeks for the MRI results as I think typically you should get results a bit sooner than this, if it was me, I would also ask what they were expecting from the zoladex and letrozole treatment and has this been successful?  Best wishes 

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