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Recently had my 4th mammogram since left breast lumpectomy and radiotherapy in 2019. (I take Tamoxifen too) Hospital rang to say mammogram results show abnormalities in left breast and want me to go for CT Scan next week. Thought I could handle anything but instead, this recall for extra tests has turned me into an anxiety ridden mess; I’m so petrified of recurrence and thinking very negatively, as why else would they want to do a scan? 

  • Hi  it's so natural to worry when you get recalled. Try to remember (I know it's hard) that there could be many reasons and the CT scan is to check it out. When I was waiting for tests last year the only thing that really helped me was to keep busy and stop my brain from thinking too much.

    You can also give MacMillan a call and chat things through. I find sometimes it helps to talk to someone not directly involved. The link for their support page is HERE

    Best wishes for next week, I hope you don't have too long to wait for some certainty.

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