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Hi everyone,

In the last couple of days, I have been diagnosed with breast cancer. I'm 33 years old, 6 months pregnant, with an 18 month old toddler. As you are all probably aware, it's been a bit of a whirlwind, with all the appointments flooding in! I get to meet with my consultant tomorrow for the first time and hopefully get my chemo schedule. In all the busy-ness, I completely forgot to ask what stage I have, but I do know that it's a triple negative breast cancer. It looks as though I will have chemo throughout the remainder of my pregnancy, with an aim to be induced at 38 weeks, so I can have the last blast of chemo a month later, followed by surgery. My partner and I are so lucky that we have a wonderful support network around us, with so many people jumping at the chance to look after our little boy whilst we have our appointments. I guess I'm just posting to see if there are others in a similar boat, what you wish you'd known before your first chemo session, what helped you get through it all and keep an even and positive head on you?

How can I keep things as normal as possible for our little boy?

Thanks so much for reading, and sending love to you all xx

  •  Hi, so sorry to read of your diagnosis and I can't imagine how tough this is with a toddler and being pregnant.  Good to hear you have good support around you.  I blogged throughout my treatment, this one about chemo might help. We all react differently and I was lucky that I was able to work and manage quite normally all the way through.  Best wishes 

    Blog link - chemo tips

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