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Hello, I am 32 years old and recently been diagnosed with breast cancer. I am about to start chemo this week and have very mixed feelings. Before I start chemo I have also been going through IVF treatment as me and my husband have had trouble conceiving and unfortunately 4 years ago I had an ectopic pregnancy. 
I have decided to freeze my eggs before starting chemo.

I am quite anxious/ nervous about stating my chemo and have had a few conversations I didn’t think I would have to have. 

One of the main things really getting to me is hair loss, and how to cope with this when/ if it happens. 

  • Hi  sorry to read of your diagnosis, and your anxiety is quite natural. I had chemo last year, and began to lose my hair quite quickly, I decided to take control and shaved my head and then chose a wig. Honestly best thing ever! I loved the wig, completely different to my normal style and I really enjoyed wearing it. Best of luck for your treatment 

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