Breast, bones and liver anyone?

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Hello everyone,

I would love to ‘follow’, ‘friend’ or which ever term it might be, someone with a similar story to me.  I was diagnosed at the end of 2020, as if that year wasn’t bad enough there was one final kick in the tit.  The left tit, with ER positive Her2 negative with axillary lymph node involvement to be precise.

I was in so much pain all my bones hurt but the egomaniac breast surgeon refused to scan for other cancer unless I went for a mastectomy when I only needed a lumpectomy, he thought he’d catch an hysterical woman out.  He then waited until the day before surgery to tell me it was in my bones and there would be no surgery. He didn’t even know which bones. 

Luckily that was the last I saw of him and I was off to a lovely oncologist who told me I have a diffuse amount of cancer in my spine, hips, skull and some rips.  I was put on letrozole with zoladex implants and once the menopause kicked in started Palbociclib. I’ve had a single radiotherapy session to two of my vertebrae. This is how I’ve been for 16 months, I’m 4 inches shorter and I fall asleep every time I sit down but good…so I thought. 

the latest scan shows it’s in my liver and the new oncologist (also lovely) wants me to go on Paclitaxel chemotherapy.  Which will hopefully start in the next couple of weeks, really hope I haven’t got a super weird head. One of the reasons I’d like to connect with people in a similar boat to me is, the oncologist alway ask if I’m ok with the treatment they are suggesting, I realise some people get to a stage when they want to refuse anymore chemo so they have to ask, but the questions always leave me thinking should I be asking for second opinions, should I have read up about every drug I might be offered, would I be offered different treatments in different parts of Britain. 

Before the liver diagnosis I read How to Glitter a Turd, the author started the cancer journey similar to me, breast and bones and she had her ovaries removed,  which I think makes sense, I’ve been waiting from about Christmas time, I’ve had the pre op but still no date.  But the new oncologist doesn’t see the point of it now.  I wish I could cut off all the lady bits to be honest.

Sorry this is so long, but if you are still with me, I am thinking of fasting before the chemo day so any experience on that would be amazing.

Also I’m 44, no children, don’t drink or smoke and I’m vegan. I did love running once.  A cat lady only with dogs Stuck out tongue winking eyeStuck out tongue winking eye

  • Do you mind me asking if you can feel lumps where your bone mets are? I can feel fleshy lumps on my lower back but had a clear CT in feb. I’ve mentioned pain there since bug thry just ignore it and aren’t scanning again. The lumps appeared after the scan and during chemo x

  • Hello Hel39,

    That does sound really worrying, so they haven’t offered an explanation for what it could be if not cancer, just left you going out your mind?
    I do not have any lumps or different texture to my bones, but mine isn’t like a typical secondary, it’s lots of very small bits all over the place.  They have said it’s easier to spot on an MRI.

    If it’s causing pain, I would get them to check it out again and not wait for the next routine Ct scan.

    sorry I can’t be of more help,

    lots of love, sally

  • Thanks- yeah, I think I need to be a bit more insistent. 

    sorry about your first oncologist and the way you were told- sounds awful. 


  • Hi 

    I didn’t have chemo for my breast cancer but I did do chemo for my ovarian cancer and I did fasting.

    I am not sure how you will receive chemo.

    I had 6 rounds every 3 weeks. I would start to fast 24 hours before chemo and 24 hours after. I eat but below 500 calories. No Suga, no meat, no carbohydrates . Only simple soup with leafy greens. I would also drink green / matcha tea and ginger tea and would take D3 vitamin. It really worked for me , I was not feeling sick that much after treatments .

    I would recommend fasting strongly.

    good luck and take care