Post Mastectomy clothing

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Hi.  Im due to go into hospital in a couple of weeks for a single mastectomy with reconstruction.  I have been advised to get the total support bra's which is fine snd i have bought button top pjs.  What do you suggest clothing wise for coming home from hospital? Any advice gratefully appreciated.  TIA, Mandy 

  • Hi there, I think you might find it difficult to manoeuvre your arm post surgery so a button up shirt or blouse might be a good idea as that's easier for getting on and off. I also wore leggings and slip on shoes, so I wasn’t having to worry about zips and buttons as I had an arm out of action.  Hope your surgery goes well 

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  • Just easy on and off clothes - pull up trousers, not too tight so you can do it with one arm. Button up tops / blouses. Same with PJs or nightshirt. Loose tops are a bit easier to leave room for drain bags. Shoes need to be easy too - I guess it is nearly flip flop season, but definitely shoes you don't need to pull on. All this is only because your arm movement will be limited for a while and perhaps a bit sore, but it does ease up well with the exercises. Good luck with your operation x