Life after treatment - living with uncertainty

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I’m new here. I was diagnosed with DCIS in Oct 20 and had a mastectomy and diep flap reconstruction in Jan 21. My treatment was amazing and went really well. I was offered Tamoxifen as a ‘consideration’ but it wasn’t a ‘recommendation’ and I declined to take it as I was worried about the impact with some of my other health problems. I couldn’t have asked for better treatment and care from the NHS, but I had to go through it on my own as my husband could not attend any appointments due to Covid. I was even on my own when I got my diagnosis and had to text him the news as I could speak for crying. Anyway, I don’t feel like I’ve been able to talk to anyone about how I feel, but I can feel my emotions building, especially as every ache or change to my body, I think is cancer. The fear is crippling me and it’s getting harder to rationalise in my head. I have a great support network but no one really understands and being the ‘strong one’, my friends can’t cope when I’m feeling low. How do others cope with these feelings? Also, has anyone tried altering their diet post cancer, I’ve seen some books on how diet can help prevent cancer? Thanks for reading my post. K x 

  • Hi ShoneyMaloney welcome to the forum and I am sorry to hear how you are feeling. Do you feel that you could pick up the phone and speak to one of the lovely folks at the Macmillan Line as they are great listeners and they have buddy systems which could maybe link you up with someone near you to talk with on a regular basis.08088080000.

    Some of what you are feeling is normal and don't beat yourself up too much about how you are feeling, its ok to not be ok. All those aches and pains are normal for you to feel scared as well but the likelihood of those being anything sinister are remote but its normal as we are scared. The fact that you got Cancer is one of those random things that happen and there is no rhyme nor reason to it even the healthiest amongst us all here. Books can tell you anything but if they knew how to prevent it and stop it then they would have a cure, but they dont as yet so it remains random. 

    Im sure some hugs wouldn't go amiss right now so I'm sendign you some huge big ones your way for now. xxxx


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  • Thank you  I’ve often thought about picking up the phone or attending a support group. I’ll give it a try! 

  • There are also courses with macmillan called moving on or living well with cancer that might help. The nutrition courses offered are helpful too - mine was run by a dietician and the lead for nutrition at macmillan so lots of opportunity to ask questions about diet, but also a good social occasion and opportunity to cook some delicious and easy dishes