46 with Breast cancer

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Hi I’m new here. I’m 46 and last week was diagnosed with invasive lobular breast cancer. Within the week things have moved so fast. Treatment has started I’ve had MRI 

I feel like I’m on a merry go round that’s not slowing down to let me off. I’m starting to get severe pains in my legs now.  To the point I don’t want to go out. 
suppose this is just my chance to have a little moan and Rant. 

  • I got pains all over as soon as I was diagnosed. They will give you scans in time, to put your mind at ease. Lobular is often ‘lazy’ so try to keep telling yourself it’s treatable. The early days arHeart the worst part Heart

  • Yes I’ve had an MRI this week. I have to have another mammogram before seeing the consultant again in March. Mentally in myself I’m doing good as I know what’s coming with treatment and know I’ll get through this.