Anyone had experience with mastectomy together with axillary lymph nodes clearance ?

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I have IDC grade 3, I have 36mm tumor in the breast and decided to do mastectomy without reconstruction, during the waiting time, I found something wrong in my armpit.  So I have done ultrasound again and immediately did biopsy, found out positive.  Therefore, for the surgery next week, it will do mastectomy and no need to do sentinel as planned but changed to do axillary lymph clearance.

Anyone had experience to share?


  • Hi Nana75

    I hope you don't mind me replying as I had a different type of cancer to you. Hopefully by doing so it will bump your post and someone on a similar journey will see it and reply.

    I am sorry to hear of your breast cancer and wish you well for your surgery next week. 

    Being diagnosed with cancer and going through treatment is not easy and if it would help to talk things through, then please do give the Support Line a call. The details are below and they are lovely on there. 



    Macmillan Support Line - 0808 808 00 00, 7 days a week between 8am-8pm

  • Hi Jane

    Thank you for you reply.  Thanks for your kind words and support.  Thanks x

  • I had a single mastectomy with full lymph node removal in April. If you have any questions to ask please feel free to let me know. Recovery wise it went better than expected and the pain wasn’t as bad. It’s important to start the exercises and push yourself to do then without it being too painful. Good luck and hope it goes well x

  • Thank you RKD!  I remember you, you have replied my another post.

    Having people supporting here, I feel warm and released my anxious.

    Hope everything goes well.


  • It’s definitely anxiety provoking. I found the surgery the worse part and very overwhelming but for me it got easier following the surgery. I had the most tears during diagnosis and surgery. After that it’s easier as for me they said the cancer had gone but I’m still at risk of it coming back but I’m focusing on getting though each treatment cycle. Following the surgery you’ll have some drains but once that’s out it’s more comfortable and it takes time for the wounds to heal and process your feeling around the scar and missing boob x

  • Hi RKD 

    We are getting strong, we are mom, we must be strong.  I have accumulated much energy for this surgery.  However, due to the sudden found out of lymph nodes are cancerous, I need to do lymph nodues cleanance instead of sential.  I scare, I scare the spreading even though I did MRI and CT scan.  x

  • Exactly we have to be strong for our children but we’re allowed moments of feeling sad and worried but try and not let it take over. Once I had my mri scan I felt better that there’s nothing spread elsewhere but I may ask for another one at the end of treatment just for reassurance that it’s still the case x

  • Hi RKD

    How long did you wait for treatment after surgery?

    Because of grade 3 cells, it makes me anxiety. x

  • I know the feeling. Mine was also grade 3 and quite a large tumour. I had my mastectomy on 19th April and then my first chemo was on 16th May so fairly quick. As long as the wound is healing ok it should hopefully start quickly for you x

  • It's so quick.  I beg I can get a quick treatment as well.  Thank you for you kindness Blush