Anyone diagnosed with grade 3 breast cancer?

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Anyone diagnosed with grade 3 breast cancer? I had 2 grade 3 lumps before mastectomy. Just looking for others with similar experience. Awaiting lymph node removal (wasnt on scan but was in 2 nodes tested from surgery) and also awaiting chemo in February most probably post op recovery

  • Hi  

    I was diagnosed with grade 3 TNBC and had a lumpectomy followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I had a micro deposit in one lymph node that was removed but didn't have a full lymph node clearance.

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  • Thanks for reply. Glad from your information page that you're doing well now from what I read. Im at the beginning -panic, stressed, anxious.

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  • Hi Ninsim, hope you had a lovely xmas, Iv had all lymph nodes removed under the arm. Stage3 but grade2. I start chemo in Jan. 8 cycles. 6months, once every 3weeks, going to have a pic line inserted See no evilday b4 chemo. I feel a lot better now that I have a date for chemo to start, it is so overwhelming See no evil I can totally relate.  

  • Good luck with the chemo Storm Rain. How have you been after lymph node removal? 

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  • This is my 3rd week, I didn’t find the drain as painful, I did take meds especially in the evening, pls take meds if you’re in pain. Especially because you will need to do the exercises.  I still caSee no evilt lift my arm all the way up to be honest but I’m getting there.See no evilSee no evilI did feel numbing and tingly pain afterwards, I haven’t been able to shave under arms just yet. 

  • I feel so much better now that it’s all removed, if that makes sense. It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. But pls do buy a nightie that has buttons or a zip that way it’s easier to change in to especially with having a drain in for a few days. 

  • Also get laxative especially if you take meds for pain relief. I wish you nothing but the best and a speedy recovery. Xx

  • Back to stinky armpit again for me. And bath not shower. Mastectomy was 3 weeks ago, ive done well since that but this removal will be where its most painful and feel like Im back to square one. Just will have to get up that hill again before chemo xxxx

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  • You will hun! You got this! Hearts️ I’m still lifting my one year old, it’s not as bad trust me. I started my period after 2years due to breast feeding the day after surgery. I feel like if you take meds regularly you will be absolutely fine. Get a love heart pillow from your breast care nurse. Takes the pressure off. 

  • I have a love heart (essential every night! BC nurse is posting another free one out to me as ribbons on tge first one have given way!) and button up pjs and nightie and shirts as i had the mastectomy, but didnt really need them - got a feeling i will this time. Thanks for the reimder tips. Didnt have a drain post mastectomy so excersises were fine and only taken a few paracetamols day after surgery and once of twice in the evening this week. Will stock up again. Have you been able to wash the armpit at all? xxxx

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