Ductal miofocial breast cancer stage 2

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Looking for support and advice from anyone.

Feeling in utter shock. I've just received biopsy results to say my lump is ductal stage2 BC. I have a few more lumps on the same breast so they have biopsied them and 1 of my lymph nodes. No for another agonising 2 week wait.

I'm obly 36 and have a 1 and 4 year old, so I'm feeling quite numb and scared at the moment. 

Any positive stories out there ?? 

  • Am so sorry you have been diagnosed with cancer. It’s such a shock when it happens and it feels awful. It’s hard to think, to sleep, to breathe. But it’s normal to have a whole range of emotions - it shows you are dealing with it.

    there are lots of good stories to be found. Try cancer active website, or yes to cancer. 

    I know you won’t feel like it but there are things you can do that improve your outcome. and it can start now if you like. It isn’t just about what the oncology team do, but also on what we do too.

    Teach yourself to relax using yoga, download  a relaxation app, tai chi, qi gong. Lowering stress levels is good for you. not easy as a busy mum, I know.

    exercise not only deals with stress, it helps with treatment to come and reduces your chance of it coming back hugely

    a good healthy diet with lots of fruit and veg and no junk is good too. A good cancer dietician might be able to advise.

    I also have just detoxed my home. I got rid of the things that contain bad oestrogens . It involved toiletries, cleaning fluids, even toothpaste! But feel safer now.

    there are other things too, but maybe that’s enough when it’s so fresh. 

    there’s loads of support out there. Try the other charities I mentioned - They are hugely helpful too.

    also the main breast cancer forum is much more active than this one. It might be worth joining that one too x