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I was diagnosed with a grade 2 invasive ductal carcinoma, oestrogen receptor positive 8/8, progesterone receptor positive 8/ 8 and HER2 receptor positive breast cancer on 1/12/23.

I have not started any treatment yet and am waiting to have an MRI and CT scan next week. Family are asking if I'm able to drink alcohol and I've no idea.  I rarely drink, maybe a glass of baileys at the most.  But at the moment I daren't do anything without checking first. 

I'm also too scared to eat anything with sugar in it because people have been telling me it can "feed the cancer".  I found a helpful article on the cancer research website debunking it but its now planted that seed in my head.  I just don't want to risk making anything potentially worse.

Can anyone advise please?  I can't seem to find anything from searching the forum.

Thank you.  Heart️ 

  • Hi Dolly-D welcome to  the forum. If it was me I would go ahead and have the Baileys as it wont do you any harm and may make you feel more included doing what others do at Xmas. I cant answer for the sugar part but what I do know for  certain is that there is no rhyme nor reason that I am aware off to date as to who gets Breast Cancer and who doesn't it is so random. The other thing about it that no 2 breast Cancers are the same and are unique to us.

    I would have whatever you felt like eating and drinking whilst you can as when you start treatment alcohol may well be off the list then. 

    Enjoy that Baileys and slice of Cake. xxx  


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  •   thank you so much for your reply, it's really helped to put things into perspective for me.  Sparkling heart  I think I'm just scared of making it worse whilst in this waiting limbo period.  But I agree a piece of cake or  glass of baileys over Christmas should be fine.  Slight smileChristmas tree  xx 

  • Hi Dolly, it’s a personal choice…prior to cancer I used to love a few glasses of Prosecco on the weekend, but since my diagnosis I haven’t drunk. This is mainly because I think alcohol can make you quite emotional and I really didn’t think I needed more emotions! I certainly wouldn’t feel guilty about having a Baileys over the Christmas period - make sure you have fun and feel part of the festivities!! X